The Process

Isokon Plus is passionate about craftsmanship and manufacturing.
We believe that the objects we produce should stand the test of time and our team of highly skilled craftsman are dedicated to the Isokon Plus ethos of efficiency and attention to detail.
We value natural resources and have a strong sense of responsibility to the timber used in our furniture so we ensure that all materials are used efficiently and with minimal waste. All our materials are chosen with care. It is a joy to walk through the neatly piled stacks in a timber yard to get exactly the right wood or to hand select the perfect grain with the best depth of colour from logs of veneer.
It takes many years and a great deal of patience to understand the different aspects of the materials we use to produce our furniture ranging from solid timber to veneer and utilising methods that span traditional joinery to form pressed veneer.

Isokon Plus controls all aspects of the manufacturing of its products. Attention to detail is key which is why meticulous standards are applied not just to the outside of every piece of Isokon Plus furniture but to the inside and underneath as well. From the initial machining of timber to the final polish, one of our highly skilled cabinetmakers will see a batch of products through from beginning to end. No element of production is outsourced enabling us to retain control over the whole process. 
We utilise the latest CNC technology alongside traditional woodworking machinery allowing us to benefit from advances in technology whilst also keeping this highly skilled craft alive. The workshop is equipped with a large range of machinery capable of performing an array of processes and giving us the flexibility to develop and produce complex pieces with designers. This technology means we have very few limitations when it comes to developing new work or understanding how best to manufacture our iconic designs.
The journey from design to manufacture is a fascinating process and we work with select designers, as facilitators, to help their work get from the sketch book to the showroom floor. Models, mock-ups, prototypes and then more prototypes are made before we get to the final version. Isokon Plus is fortunate to work with a range of fantastic designers who have all contributed to our outstanding product range.
All our furniture is handmade from scratch in London. We are proud to continue the traditions of craftsmanship and manufacturing and hope to continue to do so for many years.